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Randy Davis has returned


Inserted Coin

Welcome back Randy!!

I can't get into VP Forums this afternoon.

Earlier today a post was made by Randy stating
a fix for XP-SP2 was forthcoming.

I just checked his website and sure enough
he has posted the same message there too....

I am waiting to get back on VP Forums
to see whats shaking....lol

Guess this means I got to recompile my
games again... :)



Pinball Wizard
There has only been one post I have seen by Randy. The thread he posted on has been quite busy. To me, it indicated that he has an idea for a fix. I've copied his post here for your reading pleasure...

VP and XP SP2
I just installed SP2 recently and as people have noted, it causes VP to crash when a you return to the editor from playing a table. It will also crash when undoing a change to a textbox (and possibly other elements that have fonts in them.) It appears that SP2 adds some increased error checking to the OLE IFont object that VP was not prepared for.

I have a fix for it and will try to get out a new exe for testing as soon as I can.

- Randy

All I can say to this is WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PN co-founder
Randy's return and his VPinballXPfix is wonderful news indeed. I have added it to the Essential Files dpwnload section of Pinabll Nivana, so that it will be available in the event of server problems at VPF, where Randy posted a link. Welcome back Randy, and thanks from the entire VP community.