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Randy's lack of answers


PN co-founder
Supposedly curiosity killed the cat. While I’m sure that might be the case at times, in our situation, curiosity sure leads to a lot of frustration and speculation. Of course I’m referring to Randy’s non-responsiveness. I haven’t joined in the avalanche of questions being asked both here and at VPF, simply because those questions aren’t the ones I would ask. Every question I’ve seen posed to Randy has been ones I figure needn’t be asked because they should be up to Randy to answer on his own. Instead, I sent him a PM with my standard Interview questions, and an invitation to discuss anything else he might wish to talk about. His silence has been deafening.

Of course I’m just as curious as Phoenixx or PacDude, but maybe I can offer a few reasons why he won’t say word one. Think about it, if he were to answer even one question, it would surely open the floodgates to an endless barrage of additional questions, he wouldn’t have a second’s peace, now would he? While there hasn’t been many personal questions asked, they would begin to be asked once he answered questions about possible features planned for a future version of VP. It’s human nature to want to know as much as possible about our celebrities, and Randy is more popular to us than the hottest Hollywood icons. Now would you rather Randy spent all his time answering never ending questions, or would you rather have him working on VP?

Not that I’m equating myself to Randy in any way, I think I have an idea how he feels. I’ve got 15 more member profiles planned, and if I were to post a list of who those profiles were going to be about, I know that I’d be pestered to do some before I do a few of the others. Collectively, you’d want me to write about a popular author or a perceived forum leader before I write about a member who was neither an author nor a forum hot shot. So I’m simply not saying who is on my list, other than who is next up when I publish each new profile. Surely, if I were to have AJ or Randy on my list, which sadly I don’t, everyone would want them to be at the top of my list.

But would that be fair to everyone else who has taken the time and effort to answer my questions? And isn’t every member worth getting to know better? I would say half of the folks on my list are High Profile members, and the rest aren’t that well known. I can assure you that every one of those member profiles will be as interesting to read as the two dozen I’ve already done. So they will be done in the order they returned their answers. So Randy won’t talk, we simply have to accept that and move on. Asking a lot of new questions won’t help matters, and obviously won’t get any of the questions answered, so save your energy.

I have no idea why Randy was gone for two years. I myself was gone for close to 18 months, and I chose to let everyone know why I had left. But had I decided not to provide information about my abrupt departure, you would have still had my member profiles and my 10 tables to remember me by, if you felt a need to remember me. Just the same with Randy, we have Visual Pinball and probably 2500 tables to remember him for, and without him, more tables will continue to be released, and work-arounds will continue to be developed for the perceived shortcomings of the VP program.

I doubt if Randy’s absence had anything to do with anything any of us did in the past. Nor do I think the current onslaught of questions will cause Randy to leave again. If he does leave, it will be for his own reasons. If he reads all the posts with all those questions, he either is amused by them, or wonders why we all are so curious. So ask away if it makes you feel better. But since it doesn’t seem to do anything other than raise even more unanswered questions, why waste your energy. Work on your WIPs, or play a few of your favorite tables, but simply move on, and accept the fact that Randy isn’t about the open up.


Pinball Player

He is wasting my time on my watch.

I felt like dislike him now.

I don't what his real problem is getting us to know him better.

He doesn't want to be friends with anyone here and there.

He doesn't even have to tell us his real life or where he live.

He want to be a dickhead like Black do.

Or maybe he is trying to be Black.

They upset me a bunch.

The rich people are an asshole.

Maybe I gotting to know them better now.