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Rapid Vienna - Kick'n Roll (Original) (VP8 & VP9 versions)

VP8 VP9 SS Original Table Rapid Vienna - Kick'n Roll (Original) (VP8 & VP9 versions) DVO3.1 & DVO4

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Solid State Machines


Pinball Nudger
Hi all,

time for a new fresh look and a new challenge.

The update includes among other fine tunings:

°Viewing figures added (more chances to get extraballs)
°Goalaward added
°New save/load code (thanks to Kinsey and Destruk)
°Save initials (highscore/viewing figures-record/goal-record/combo-record)
°Music on/off
°Plungerkick manuel/automatic (Bob: I hope you appreciate that! ;))

Thanks again to PinCode, Roland Scholz and last but not least to tiltjlp.

Thanks to all the people for so many good suggestions.
Most of them I've tried to translate into action.

Now available at:

DL - play - enjoy!

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Inserted Coin
It's the most incredible table that I've ever seen!!!
Rapid Vienna is on top of my favorites.
I'm amazed by your skill, your inventivity, your imagination.
Without any exageration, I think that this table should be at top of the best tables ever made. Previously, I had the table from Roland Sholtz, "Inner City Life", which was voted as the best one by users. But now, with yours, I'm pretty sure that the vote will be different...
Keep up your good work, and a lot of big thanks for this gift!!! \:D/


Pinball Nudger

I had to thank you!
It's a great pleasure for me, to hear so nice words.

Great to hear a lot of positive feedback at the VPF, it`s more than I had
And thanks for your reply, Jive. I appreciate that.



Pinball Nudger
ahhh :)


edit : !!! BLOWS UP My laptop ! ( with only 128 megs...) BOUM!!

Guess I'll need to try it tonight .... ( 512 megs..)


Add-a-ball specialist
Site Supporters
I'm glad this table is worth all your effort Mr Hide #-o

It will be spectacular when you finally get it \:D/

Let us know, please, the suspense is killing me :mrgreen:


Pinball Nudger
took 10 seconds to load and run on my 1.9 ghz 512 Mb ram...
damn crappy laptop ;)

original indeed. Great music. Of course, it's NOT an american table ... the foot theme is very well executed and lots of LOVE and TIME were put into that table ! ... and I do mean "WOW MAN!"


Pinball Nudger
Thanks to all!

Sorry, for my late reply but I'd got no em@il messages about activity here.
Nice to hear Mrhide likes some original tables too. :mrgreen:

Thanks for the direct link, Kalm!!!

Servus and keep rollin'


Flipper is good for you!
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It's not impossible with FP too...
Nice table. I think I'll play it again tomorrow!
And Broco Buster (normal and flipperless) is also a must have.

Isaac Sauvage

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A nice looking table a VPX would be very good :)
If I understand correctly, you seem to specialise in reviewing VPX stuff.

Unfortunately, our strengths at this particular site lie much more in FP and VP9 stuff. Not sure if you're willing to make some exceptions in your project, but...