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VP8 Flipperless Original Table Reactions Baagtelle Updated


PN co-founder
2 1/2 years after its initial release, Reactions Bagatelle has been given an exciting update by Patrick & tiltjlp. Besides using the old alternate playfield image as the default image, there is also a new background image, a new alternate playfield immage, and a new gold swirl ball image for the launch shots.

The enhanced nudging has been adjusted downward slightly, to throw players off a bit. There is now an adjustable launch speed feature, using the plunger which replaces the former kicker auto launch. The major game play chenge discontinues the launching of an extra ball when you land the ball in one of the Gold Cups, but now all three Gold Cups earn you an extra ball. But be careful when you try nudgign the ball into a gold cup, or you'll Tilt the game and lose any points on the ball in play.

Landing in the gold scoring cups can earn you enough extra balls to help you pile on the points. My last test game resulted in 8 extra balls and a score of 4,926,000 points, unheard of before in most bagatelle games. As before, Reactions makes the ideal training table for new authors, flipperless or not, since it has code for any number od special features, and is fully commented.

You can get this unique update to Reactions Bagatelle by following the link below. The SS shows the alternate playfield.




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