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VP8 Flipperless Original Table Reactions Revenge unleached


PN co-founder
Reactions Revenge is an enhanced Add-A-Ball version of my Reactions Bagatelle. Using a Moving Pin idea provided and coded by Highrise, I have created what might be called bagatelle gone mad. Proving Revenge an Be Sweet, 13 of the 27 scoring cups award a ball in addition to the points they award or take away. I have also increased scoring values, to give you more incentive to nudge. But trying to nudge when there are moving pins is much harder than it seems.

As for the Add-A-Ball feature, all 3 Gold and Grey cups give you an extra ball, and 1 cup of all 7 of the other cup colors also award an extra ball. And I have added some new custom ball images, just to make the game more of a challenge, since the balls often blend in with the playfield, making it sort of a Guess Your Best situation.

Interestingly, as quick as you can win extra balls, you can drain the ball without gaining any points at all, if a pin moves the wrong way at the right time. I would hope that you find Reactions Revenge not only challenging, but also fun. My last two test game scores were 1,707,500 & 2,612,500. Yes, scores like that from a bagatelle! You can nudge your copy of Reactions Revenge here:




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