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Real Life Pinballs Wanted


Pinball Player
I am looking for a flipperless pinball game to buy, preferably before 1938.
Condition unimportant.

Leave a message if you know where to find one.


Pinball Wizard
You might try looking on e-bay. I know John found one at a reasonable price and I suspect that one in not great condition would be much less expensive.


PN co-founder
Yeah, and although I haven't gotten it yet, once I get it I'll resell it to you at a huge profit! :p Of course I doubt if you're looking for a 1930s bagatelle. Thanks for posting Penquin, it reminded me to send an e-mail to the seller to make sure he got my money order, since Pay Pal was on the fritz and I couldn't pay that way.



Pinball Nudger
Ken, I`m in the prosess of building a marble shooter...(a replica of the one my Grandfather built for my dad in the mid 1920s) soon I will post pictures. Rick


Inserted Coin
There have been a few on my local craigslist lately. I didn't think the prices were out of hand, but I had no interest in them. Feel free to PM me if you are still looking and I can send you links to the ads.
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