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Road Show, Red & Ted's (Williams, 1994) VP8

VP8 Williams SS Recreation Red and Ted's Roadshow...Lets wreck some road! v1.11

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Solid State Machines


Pinball Nudger
Reworked one of my fav pins Red and Ted's Roadshow. Uses quite a few reels and some overlapping reels so need to use vp 8.1.

Still have some areas to improve on but that'll be in a future release. I like how its turned out so far. Hope you guys enjoy playing some Roadshow.

Next up...Demolition Man.


Pinball Wizard
Thank you, Jamin.

I still didn't test, but is this Version 1.0 different from the previous 1.0? I assume. The naming is a little confusing, especially as we actually have many table uploads (old and new tables) here and at VPForums.org, because of the demise of VPForums.com.


Inserted Coin
Thanks Jamin! I too was curious about this version so I loaded it up in VP and checked the table info. What's strange is all the information is for JP's Mars Attack.


Pinball Nudger
Since a Roadshow wasn't at pinballnirvana nor at vpforums.org I decided to start the revision number from 1.0 again since I had lost all previous WIPs and lost track of what revision it had gotten to. If anyone has my most recent release prior to this one and can let me know what revision number went along with it I'll adjust accordingly in the next update.

I never really input anything in the table info but used jp's attack from mars to screenshot where i would put the siderails and it seems I went from there (thanks for pointing that out wtiger)...i'll change that in the next update and put together a Roadshow table info.
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Inserted Coin
I only have one previous version of your Roadshow. It's version 3.1 and has a file date of 9/18/2001.

I played a few games on your new version and I have to say it plays (and looks) very nice. You did an excellent job!


Pinball Wizard
I have a Red_Ted_s_Roadshow_Jamin_1.0.zip here, which I downloaded on 30. Aug. 2007. File/table date is 18. May 2007. No table info there. File size is 8.624.128 bytes.


Inserted Coin
wow Jmin you have over exceeded yourself,the table plays and looks fantastic,thanks for your hard work and skill on this table,well done man,you are hereby awarded a special Dingerway Medal of Honour.


Pinball Nudger
Update to 1.11 - Only change are image touchups (bdreel has no black lines while playing 1680x1050, gi's next to flippers had weird color at 0,1 brightness, got rid of some transparencies on flying rocks ramp area).


Pinball Nudger
I'm going to be redoing the lights so I can put it in the script to where you can uncomment the lines needed (possibly add a rom picker/options) or if you can't live without it and you'd like to add it in here's how to add it.

Create a timer using the editor. Place it anywhere you want name it shakeit.
Give it a value of 30 for the timer interval setting and remove the checkmark in the Timer Enabled box.
Go into the script and find the line that starts Sub solshakermotor(enabled) its line595. Make it look like this. Add in some tabs if you like it tidy

Sub solshakermotor(enabled)
if enabled then
playsound shaker
end if
end sub

sub shakeit_timer()
nudge 0,1
nudge 90,1
nudge 180,1
nudge 270,1
end sub

Save the table if you'd like it to remain in there. Now it should have the shaker effect that PD's version does. I didn't use that method because it nudges the table. Every Roadshow I've played has had a nice strong shaker motor where you can tell the cabinet vibrates but it doesn't affect the ball at least not at the flippers. It seems higher up in the cabinet enough to where a ball at the flippers is not affected. If you use the nudge method to create the effect a ball trapped on the flipper will bounce all over. I prefer it to not affect the ball.
I'm still trying to get a sound that sounds like the shaker motor but can't find one yet so guess its gotta be that cruddy earthquake sound. Tried to see if I could maybe record it off my soundcard from a youtube video but can't isolate the sound its got too many other noises going on while its doing it.
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Pinball Wizard
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You should include a delay for the shaker motor timer. ie - shaking a table up, right, down, and left, in 4 successive hits every time the timer expires wouldn't be as smooth IMO as having it nudge up, then wait a fraction of a second, then right, then delay, then down, then delay, and then left, and delay. It wouldn't have to be much of a delay sequence, perhaps 100-200ms would be sufficient.

Dim ShakeCount

Sub ShakeTimer_Timer
If ShakeCount>4 Then ShakeCount=1
If ShakeCount=1 Then Nudge 0,1
If ShakeCount=2 Then Nudge 90,1
If ShakeCount=3 Then Nudge 180,1
If ShakeCount=4 Then Nudge 270,1
End Sub

Something like this maybe?


Pinball Nudger
thanks for the suggestion destruk. I played around with it some and having a delay does seem to minimize the effect the shaking has on the ball... alot of the time playing PD's Roadshow I'd hit the blast target and when the ball come down towards the right lanes the nudging would make you lose balls that would otherwise not be lost. I'll include it in a future update.
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