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Rising Steps (Original) VP8

VP8 SS Original Table Rising Steps (Original) VP8 v1.3p

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Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
I've just rereleased a table that I made a couple of years ago. Though it was officially finished, I was never really satisfied with the look of it. Just recently (today actually), I finally updated the look of this table's walls, objects, and floor. As I was working on another table, I created a floor image that I thought would look great on this table. I had been wanting to update the look of this table for quite some time, but I could never find or make floor or wall images that looked just right... until now. With these additions, this table finally has the atmosphere I wanted it to have, dark and spooky. See the screenshots below for a before and after of this table's new look.

One thing to note: I'm currently using 800x600x32 resolution in VP's video settings. If you use a different resoloution, the text may appear differently. Also, it's important that the enclosed fonts are installed. You don't have to, but it makes a difference.


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