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Robocop (Data East, 1989) VP8

VP8 Data East SS Recreation Robocop - 1.0 Released -by JPSalas v5.0 JP 2020-01-28

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Solid State Machines


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Hi all!

This is Robocop from Data East 1990.

It is a VPM table, so go to the IPDB to get the rom.
The table uses PacDude's fading lights system.
It is unlocked, so change the settings you want, like flippers or angle. And if you find a better flipper settings don't keep them for yourself and share them with all of us :)
It is nearly angle independent, there is just one decal on the backdrop and two lights that correspond to that decal. So if you change the angle or maybe resolution you may move up or down a litlle bit that decal and the two lights.

Thanks to Triforce for suggesting me this table and for his help testing it.

I guess there is nothing more to say. Enjoy the table!



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Thanks JPS, an interesting game and I really like the way you integrated the backdrop and SS display.

The flippers seem to aim well enough, though at 124, they are just too long and this shows when both are up, that gap is way too small, the gap should be around 90 to 100 VP units wide for a correct scale.

Fantastic work on the graphics and gameplay is fast and fun.

Thank You for this table recreation. :digital:


Pinball Wizard
Thanks StevOz for your comments. I used 121 for the fliper size, but I felt it drain too much and it was very difficult to aim for the captive ball. I think I tried over 100 different settings. And in one of these tests I thought why not to make the flippers longer, and it helped a little so I continued trying with 124. But I never thought about the gap being too small.

If I find more bugs or someone finds how the lock mechanism works in the real table, then I'll fix that gap too. I made the lock system the same way as Destruk thought it should work, and it works very well, multiball activates when it should, so I'm happy with the way it works.



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I found gameplay very nice, It was fun and fair, and I could get the shots. It looks like a million bucks too.

I'd put you on my top 5 list. You have done extremely well, but it's typical of you.


Pinball Wizard
Thanks for all your comments. Now go and grab my latest table: Millionaire (it will be at PN in a few minutes).
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