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VP9 EM Original Table Rocky Horror Picture Show vp9.1.2

Electro-Mechanical Machines


This pin is built using multiple level play fields. Now in most pins the lower play field is usually a bonus one and in my experience my ball usually lasted about two seconds once I got into a bonus area
Rocky Horror starts on that lower level, it is up to you to get to the upper levels!
For those of you who like pins on the harder side, just hit 5 then 1 to start the game
for those of you who like rules, hit "R" key at any time to call up the rule text box
Now I started this pin in September of 2011 and have been working off and on with it since September of 2011 as of now though due to personal reasons I am finished with it!
Whether it is actually finished remains to be played and experienced
since I have not play tested all of its many areas! (I suck at playing and any hard pins I make
I usually go with the theory 'it should work since it plays and doesn't crash!')
Have fun with it and don't forget your toast and umbrella!!
any feedback email me (table info has complete rule set)
and the complete sets of lyrics can be found here:
as well as youtube links to the songs


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