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Russ Jensen Passed Away...


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I was very saddened upon hearing the news of Russ Jensen's passing...
The pinball community has suffered a huge blow and he helped to develop Pinball Nirvana, here are some additional links:
Pinball News Link:
Pinball historian and author Russ Jensen passed away on Saturday 10th November, aged 71.
Russ was a prolific author of pinball articles since the '70s making many of them available via his website and would happily reprint them for anyone who asked. He also made a massive contribution to the Internet Pinball Database, supplying many hundreds of pictures from his extensive archive.
He was a familiar face in pinball circles for many years and could often be seen at Pinball Expo diligently transcribing the seminars for future reference and to ensure the information they revealed was not lost to the pinball community.
Russ Jensen's Home Page:
Russ Jensen's Home Page Archive:

His username at VPF and PN is metrofan, here are some links to content provided by Russ @ Pinball Nirvana:
Seven Up VP Table (1941 Genco Mfg. Co. By Nissananimal, tiltjlp, Russ Jensen):
Some articles written by Russ Jensen:

RolandScholz's site:

tiltjlp's fine Article "Russ Jensen, Pinball Historian"

Sad day, look at these search results at the Internet Pinball Database:
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That is really sad news indeed. What a great guy Russ was too. When I was working on my 1938 Genco Jungle table, I emailed Russ and asked him for a better scan of the BillBoard ad for the table. Not only was he kind enough to do that for me, but he also called me on the phone (his dime) and chatted with me for a good hour or so. We talked about pinball, computers, and one of his most favorite people, Charles Babbage, who many believe was the father of the computer. It was quite a fascinating conversation to say the least. Thanks to Russ, I learned more then I bargained for, and to think that he didn’t know me before my email. What an awesome human being, I will surely miss him, and I am definately glad that I got to meet and talk to him.
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