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VP8 SS Original Table S P A C E D

Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
that feeling you get when you walk into the grocery
store without your grocery list..................

i used one of my synths to make most of
the sound wavs on this one....smoooooooooth!
(16 bit 11025 khz mono) bout the lowest u can go
without noise occuring and they sound very clean.
keeps u from having those 5-10 mb downloads
if you know what i mean, no we don't know.
the inhaling sound is me smokin one in space.....

the pic is of me i took about 6 years ago with a small
pc camera looking up at myself. and of course i just
had to psyco-color it............pretty evil looking, huh?

spell " S P A C E D" for megabig megapoints

later, Snuffy wants to wrestle me again and he
cheats by nipping me sometimes......when he's losing!


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