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SEA-ISLAND with magic (H) section


Pinball Nudger
Many thanks to hung and all who helped on malibu beach.
This bingo game is great.......................
Played upto 1986 in the uk on a sea-island, Won and lost many times.
But the advantage was with the player if he had the (h) section lit.
that way his 1`st ball was a 7 if he could the the rest was the left play
Miss the 1 and 2 and you still had the 9 in play on the big red. odds
on 600 red and at least you should get is aline of 3. 192 credits and you
have 2 go for them extra balls. one time i had 5 in the big red and 2 in the
blue. the big 1200 score and did not need the 3rd extra ball...
the clock only went to 999, but if you went over the owner would pay.

ps hope there are more bingos to code and maybe a SEA-ISLAND

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