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Seawitch (Stern, 1980) VP8

VP8 Stern SS Recreation SeaWitch Ver 1.10.179 v1.1.1 2020-01-28

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Solid State Machines


Pinball Player
Firstly, Thanks For This Table Go To Plumb,Whose Inspiration,Graphics Work, And Playtesting, Without Whom ,
I Could Not Have Made This Table.

Secondly, Thanks To Jon Purplehaze For Hosting My Tables For Me Again. Thanks Man, I Appreciate It More Than You Know.

Screenshot Is Here:

Table Is Here:

DesAngel - Layout / Graphics / Scripting
Plumb - Source Images / QA
MrFixx - Playtesting

Team D.P.R.

Version 1.10.179

* Changed Flipper Color
* New Metal Texture
* Plasic Post Caps Added
* Changed Pop Bumper State To Always On
* Changed SeaWitch Logo On Backglass
* Replaced All Playfield Lamps
* Adjusted Pop Bumper Strength
* Plunger Release Strength Changed
* Apron Image Corrected As To Its Position
* Minor Script Changes
* Repaired The FlipperUp/FlipperDown Sounds
* Replaced Base Playfield Image
* Added Kicker Plate To Ball Lane
* Reworked Plunger Cover
* Adjusted Lock Bar Decal
* Adjusted All Rubber & Metal Elasticites
* Changed Table Slope
* Changed Table Apron Image
* Changed Wire Rollovers
* Adjusted Flipper Rubbler Elasticity
* Reworked Plunger Release Area
* Addressed Ball "Reflux" Up Inlanes

Input/Comments Welcomed,Without Comments We Can't Make Any Table Better.


The Entire DPR team __________________
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