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Shadow election


Pinball Player
Whoops...There she went.


PN co-founder
I'd vote for Shadow, just to give the so-called Moral Majority an earful. I just can't see how a group of folks with such narrow views can call thmeselves a majority. As for moral, that's only by their distorted view. I consider myself as part of the Rational Minority, which can get quite lonely.



Pinball Wizard
Rational Minority - oh dear, I didn't things were that bad John!

Bring back Clinton, you always knew where you stood with Bill. And he has a mean party trick with his cigar! LOL :cheers:

Far too dangerous to smoke the damn thing! :angel:


Pinball Wizard
The Shadow's very, very quiet.

I reckon Lizzie's about to transform again. But into what :?:

What's the betting on the pirate returning :?: