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Shadow's top tip


AKA Nicky Special
Right, here's a good tip for any hungry bastards out there . . .

. . .get two slices of granary bread and spread sweet pickle on one and mustard on the other. Next place some cheddar cheese in the sandwich and garnish with a layer of strawberry jam.

And here's the tip . . .don't eat it, cos it tastes fuckin' 'orrible . . .:guitar:

(And don't drop any on yer dick . . .causes knobwarts and japseye rash :oops:)


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Actually without the strawberry jam I'm thinking that might be none to bad at all. :)

Perhaps a slice of whatever cold meats you have available instead of the jam?


y'know my dad LOVES welch's grape jelly with hard salami! I kid you not! you'd think after a double bypass he'd watch out for that kind of stuff (he's 76) his argument is "It's my body, and if I choose to trash it then godammit I will!" Did I mention he's feisty? Bob's attitude must be contagious (by the way his doctors just love that willpower, they say that it actually saved his life being such a stubborn ol' bastard and all!) so Live on BOB!! be cranky as hell!! it just may save yer life one day...
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