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Jun 9, 2003
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In case anyone notices that shiva is Admin now, I want to explain a few things. No, he hasn't wrestled power away from me, not that I have any power. Quite simply, he and I are good friends, and since I know nothing about the technical side of running a web site, he offered to try and teach me a few things.

and you would think I don't have enough troubles as it is... :)
So where should I send your year's supply of aspirin you'll need between now and the end of the year? Think how much harder it would be if you were explaining it all to me rather than doing most of it yourself.

yeap, judging from the last experience, that's very very true. :)

Glad to help john, even if this is a different system than what I used before. The quizz system though may be fubared, and my php scripting skills are a bit rusty, or I would try and rewrite the script. Maybe a newer version is out somewhere?
I'll have to check about an update to v quiz, which is an add-on. But then you'll have to make me understand how to update it.

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