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Shockman' Mods


appropriate at this time
These restore lost functionality due to resent core changes, Namely, the ability to adjust flipper speeds without ending up with balls through the flippers.

-Mods are allowed (as usual with my releases), but please label your tables as such, both in this table info section and the table and zip file names and leave my credits intact. I'd prefer you keep your own RevHistory file with a different name, but including the previous entries prior to your mod.

All tables released so far has flipper speeds that are unrealistic, and many have shape, size, and swing that are unrealistic, but the biggest problem is flipper up speeds. This is what makes aiming accurately and consistently impossible. The downswing is tied to this upswing, and that is why you see, if you can, the flippers move too fast in both directions. This method is unacceptable, if you want realistic simulation, but I understand why it is going on, I discovered it as a way to end balls rolling through the flippers like they were not even there. It is however, outdated, and now obsolete.

Using this new method, the flippers can be set to any speed that you want, realistic or not, and they will still not ignore the ball. The method uses triggers to trigger the flippers to speed up only when they need to. It can be expanded to increase the flipper speed only as much as they need to be increased, and add a pseudo .Hit routine for the flippers, as well as other events. The basic point though is to give control of all aspects of the flippers to the author, and the player, without any of the limitations inherent, or injected into the simulation.

Is an easier game. A better looking game, and a better playing game, and no balls through the flippers. It is indeed nothing less than a physics overhaul of the flippers, if not in fact, definitely in perception.


appropriate at this time
They must be too big or something, I don't know, they uploaded OK, and the size was under 15meg, which it wanted. Maybe these are just not meant to be. I know the bulk of the users would like to have the best simulations, but the powers that be seems to think otherwise.
I asked Jon to give me a file upload/download place much like PacDude has. If his tables are too good for the general server, then maybe I should upload these mods there. I don't want to get banned though, and I don't want to be read only. But I would risk my membership to for this. I did not just pull this out of a hat. Damn, 'Oz should have left me alone. If PacDude was going to say that his mods are not free to mod, or free to mod if he approves, or free if they are not shared, or free if I don't do them, then it would have been his lie that stopped theses.

Anyway, if you like no balls through the flippers and that's all, then PacDude's tables don't need a fix, most of them. They have the code he took out of the core.vbs file inside them. Set the flipper slower and you will see. I think he just set the speed to match so he can say 'yes it's in there, but it's not needed' but I bet he don't play these with settings like he is releasing them with.

If Jon says that PacDude is the only member out of all of us worthy of his own server space, then I guess these are finished.

Funny, 'Oz said I could post the scripts to each, and the changes to the table and explain how to rename the things, but I thought the PM and email would be easier. I could not do it the way he wants without Mod abilities to keep the threads in order, and it would be too much work anyway. I guess proper shapes and arcs and speeds will only be accepted if anyone else but me provides them. We can mod them I guess if we have to jump through the hoops together, but we can not make it easy.

Sorry. I'll try to get the promised ones out in e-mail though.


appropriate at this time
I have uploaded Fire Power to the file server here at Pinball Nirvana download section. It is up to the staff here now if you will be able to play these Mods. If it gets put up, the rest will follow, if not, perhaps we will get a logical explanation why we can't have these authorized mods available to us.


appropriate at this time
Discussion of this has moved to VPF where PK said it had 'occurred to him' and also occurred to him that the ball could be slowed as well. This is just too funny. He mentions a big trigger to do this, he is of course wrong, as I explained, a big trigger will not work with the method of slowing the ball which has been tested already by me. The problem with that is that the ball will slow when it hits that trigger, whether it hits the flipper or not and looks about as unrealistic as a ball falling through the flipper. This method, as I said would have to be used with an array of triggers that are activated and deactivated according to the flippers position, and with multiball the flippers could be getting conflicting commands by the balls and you could still get a ball through the flipper. Don't get caught up in the education by the uneducated, and don't trust a mind that only works off anothers'.

Another funny thing. Both PacDude and nicolas.b has said that they don't come here anymore. If you want to believe that, stay out of the juke joint, where you will get a list of members online here, 'hidden', or not.


appropriate at this time

From this thread at VPF, I find this,

I've not used anything from Shockman in my take on solving the BTF issue, so don't include me in your rant against him and his modding and release of one of your tables! (I've certainly had no contact with him whatsover, since he was banned on this forum.)

I also strongly object to your highjacking this thread.

And I'm miffed to be excluded from modding or borrowing from your tables in the future, when I've done nothing to earn that rebuke.


I in fact have said that I am using different techniques to reach the same end, depending on the script layout. My Mod Of Vector uses that very same code that 'occurred' to him on 'his take' on solving the btf problem.

PacDude has it all wrong as well, when he says that it would not help because you will see it when you flip. You will only see it, in fact if the flipper is going down, not when you are flipping, as the upswing is always the same. This fix kicks in only when the ball is at the flipper, and the flipper is going down. Don't try to catch it, just flip, and it will not kick in, it will, but just for the fraction of a fraction of a second until the flipper hits it, you will not notice this at all. Try on the other hand to catch it, and you might. This is the best we have at the moment, that's ready for prime time anyway. If I add active ball to the equation it will be to send the ball rolling towards the base of the flipper, which it would in real life, in this situation, instead of towards the tip.
Am I the only one here or there that really plays real tables?


Pinball Wizard
Shockman said:
Am I the only one here or there that really plays real tables?

You probably are since most days you're the only person here.

There are no tables within miles of my home. Haven't played a real table since I holidayed in US - played an instantly forgettable Batman table in the hotel games room - absolute shit it was. :) That was 4 years ago.


appropriate at this time
Check the juke joint, like I said. There are many members here when you think there are none. There are in fact very few members of VPF that I have not seen listed there. Can't blame them for hiding though, as they want the members of both sites to believe they don't come here.
Too bad about the real tables elton. US visit? I thought Wales was in Ohio?
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