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Show me your computer area


Inserted Coin
As the topic says, show me your computer area. Just take a picture and share :dance:



sXe And Better Than You
Ha... could photograph the whole house then. Love having a laptop.

Anyway, I like your area. Nice and organized. Bonus points for San Andreas.

The McD


Inserted Coin
Thanks McD, I want a larger desk, as my new monitor is quite large. Maybe I'll take a trip to IKEA :idea: (cheap & practical).
GTA4 is in the shelf as well, but it's visible in the picture.


well you asked for it

so here is my computer mess! and a pic of the original faralos which is the very first multi-piece figurine I ever painted/built some 20 odd years ago! it was actually named 'faralos' on the box (googled it; he is a 15th lvl D&D mage):D
yeah I'm definitely not the most organized person...I know, thanks


  • my computer mess.JPG
    my computer mess.JPG
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  • Faralos.JPG
    456.6 KB · Views: 242


Inserted Coin
I've seen worse work areas, so don't worry faralos ;)
That figurine is nice :) I wish i had the patience to create something like that.
Organized or not, thank you for your contribution :wave:


I now own over 50 figurines that i've used in various D&D campaigns all in a 'warhammer' collection case unused! I painted em all, some took over 40 hours! and except for faralos most of them are under 1 inch high! and I never use a magnifying glass(distorts the image too much for painting) nor a special light I just squint a lot and hand paint (no airbrushes here!) but that is for another thread...Oh btw he is only 3 1/2 inches in height


Pinball Wizard
Ok, here's mine from actually just now!

I watch TV at the same time, am at my 3rd beer, have pretzel sticks and a cigarette while reading at this thread.


  • yogi.jpg
    119.5 KB · Views: 242


Inserted Coin
Wow, that's quite a lot faralos :) I don't think anyone will see me paint ~50 figurines, as I sad, I don't have the patience. But I would like to try it someday...

yogiholzer, a multitasking man :) Thanks for your submission :)
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