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Side images on posts covering tabs at top of screen?


I have Pinball Dementia!!
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Hi my friend!!
Hope all is going well for you and family!!

Can you post a screenshot of this?
I don't think I have ran into this, but a screenshot would help me determine if I have or not.


Stay tuned.....
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Well it seems like it has to do with Firefox. I tried to take a snapshot of it happening and the second I went to my menu button, in flash it disappeared. Now that is strange. Maybe it's just me. Sorry to bother you guys. Kind of embarrassing that it is only happening to me and no one else.


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An idea. What resolution are you using? If you have a phone, does this happen as well? I have firefox on another computer, but my res is very high, so it may be a too low of a res that only affects firefox, as this site template is fixed width, and you may be trying to display the site on a lower resolution than what is set in the template.


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Yeah @druadic, there are so many variables so a screenshot would help, these include where on the site it happened (home page, resources, media, etc.), device used (phone, tablet, pc), browser and now whether one of the new Styles is activated.

Thanks to all for trying to help!
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