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Simpsons (Data East, 1990) VP8

VP8 Data East SS Recreation Simpsons (Jamin 1.1) ...Doh! v1.1 2020-01-28

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Solid State Machines


Pinball Nudger
In the spirit of the upcoming TSPP date approaching I've added my version of Data East's The Simpsons so that anyone that wants to warm up on playing the Data East machine can do so. Warning - it is a bit sloppy because I didn't have a stripped playfield to work with so bear with the wood images that are under the plastics :)

This version is free of some of the bugs in the At Night version at AJ's. Those bugs are mainly caused by the outhole not quite right.

*If you are on 2ball mode and lock 1 ball but lose the second the timer won't continue it will knock you back to level 1 like it should.
*You're able to lock both balls in the lock past the spinner (think I remember that was an issue on the At Night version also).

I'm trying to start avoiding using objects on the backglass portion of the editor as to make it as angle independent as possible but this table includes a few decals/reels you'll need to adjust if you change the angle. 2 speaker images on the backbox, the 2 lights on the Springfield sign, and the nuclear jackpot reels.

Its been so long since I have played the real table and I can't recall exactly how the nuclear towers were lit...I've tied them to their respective Light but have a feeling that the tops (the towers themselves) are meant to be with General Illumination. I've left them on a Light assignment for the time being. I was going to rework it somewhat before uploading it here but a rebuild on Demolition Man has me hooked (which I'll post a WIP soon on).



Pinball Nudger
Site Supporters
Yes looks very good :)

Thanks :)

PS : Yogiholzer , can you ask an admin of vpoh to validate my register to the forum , please ? :)


Pinball Nudger
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Yes i was talking about the forum , after my register , I have recieved a mail saying , that an administrator will validate my inscription , but i am still waiting ...


Pinball Wizard

Maybe wait a few days?

The pinball forum there isn't much frequented. I post there from time to time to keep it alive. However, I will ask in a new thread about.


Pinball Wizard
Here: http://www.t-raw.be/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2698

I got an invitation for a duel from you on Andromeda table. I just need to find out what's my user ID. I didn't take part in duels at last and I don't remember exactly what is needed. Keep patient. I just started normal online tournament a few days ago, but need to find out some more details again.


Pinball Nudger
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No Problemo , and thanks for your intervention :)

And Sorry Jamin for having derouted your post ( I could have send him a pm instead of that I made , i just forgot this option :) )

Now Let's Play SIMPSONS !!! :)
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