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Site disappeared!


Site Nudger
Staff member
My hosting company upgraded servers and all of my files disappeared on the 6th, I got tired of waiting and restored a 2 day old backup yesterday so you might have noticed some of your attachments missing. I decided to take the downtime opportunity to upgrade postnuke and ran ito problems with the new UpDownload program, when i upgraded it, the database disappeared so i had to restore one that was a few hours old around 3am this morning. If anything was added during this time, they are lost!

There are still problems with a bunch of things and i hope to get them fixed, sorry for the crashes... :banghead:



Site Nudger
Staff member
PostNuke has been upgraded, I'm in the process of updating all of the modules, the site is still under construction.... :buzzsaw:

The forums are Powered by PNphpBB2 and we will lose a bunch of hacks but gain some other features....


Pinball Wizard
Just to let you know: I think the "notify me when a reply is posted" feature doesn't work anymore. Let's hope that's only temporary.
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