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Site is Back!


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Hi All,

I've had almost zero webtime for the past 2+ months but hope to be more active in the near future.

I was informed that my host somehow deleted all of my databases on 10/6/03 and I've been working on getting them back since that date. They finally came back today! =P~

Basically, most of The Magic Of Flipperless was down since 10/6 (Forums, Chat, Links, Guestbook and Uploads) but rest assured the site is not going anywhere and I discovered how lame bluedomino's support is.. :(

Nice to be Back!


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I never gave up hope on your ability to fix the problem =D>

[Edit] Damn hand clapper smilie doesn't work :-k


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Hi JPH :) I finally got around to putting the new flipperless address in the links list at VPO :D...

I still have to sign up for the web ring. I'll do that soon. Flipperless is looking sweet. Thanks for being here. Keep up the good work.



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Ah, so I see, back on the ball, this is good....I'll try and get in a chin wag with ya sometime. :blahblah: