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You may notice a number of new Download Categories on the download page. We'll be moving our nearly 200 recreations and originals into these new groupings as time permits. When all the dust clears, it should be much easier to find either a specific table, or at least the type of table you're interested in.

Take a look and you'll notice that I've made seperate categories for our two most prolific and popular authors, Druadic, with over 50 releases, and Patrick, with 24. If you would like to suggest a category I might have overlooked, please let me know in this thread.

Once this project is complete, I'll see if the same sort of thing can be done to our growing gallery. In time, if possible, we hope to make more of our resources available either from the front page, of from side bar menus. Also, as noted elsewhere, I'm working on a FAQ for the site. Slowly I am providing answers to about a dozen site related questions I came up with. The first few answers have been added, and eventually they all will be.

You can click on the left side bar menu item to access the FAQ. If there is a site related question you would like to ask, feel free to do so. Now of course, I have the right and option to ignore or delete any question I think is not appropriate. If nothing else, all these projects keep me off the streets.

At first glance it looks pretty good, but after further review it comes up short. Let me explain... If you lump all of one authors files together like Patrick and Druadic, it then makes the categories incomplete. If I look at the sports category, then I don't get any of Patricks or Druadics sports creations, thus making the whole purpose of splitting up all of the downloads into categories not as good of an idea as one would think as someone only interested in sports would miss any of Druadic's or Patricks sports creations. Also, if there was a Baseball Flipperless original table, a sports fan might miss it if it was under Flipperless tables :)

Bottom Line... If I wanted to try only a Bingo, I would look only under Bingo. You've now eliminated me from finding Druadic's Bingo's. Segregation is not necessarily a good thing.
Good point Bob. I had considered that myself, but decided against it. But reading your post, I can see that for the firt time since I've known you, you actually make sense :). So I will be placing Will's and Patrick's tables in the categories they really fit into. And as for your flipperless baseball example, it would go into Sports Themed.

I worry about you pal, you're making more sense all the time.

The reorganization is on hold which a glitch or two is solved by our tech crew. And no, it's everyone's good luck that I'm not part of the tech crew.

No it's just the tech crews bad luck trying to figure out what you are trying to describe as the problem so we can fix it. :(
Sometimes I feel like the Little Engine who couldn't. :oops:

It's okay, after several PM's, I think I fixed the problem.

Oh John... head to the chat room
Reorganization Complete

Other than a little tidying up, my reorganization of the Pinball Nivana download section is over. Our categories, which should make it easier to find the kind of table or game you're looking for, are:

Arcade & Video Games
Coin-Op Originals
Commercial Coin-Op
Counter Top Games
Essential Files
Pachinko & Slots
Sports Themes
Tutorial & Support Files

While it was a no-brainer where to put most of our tables and games, when it was a toss up, they went into either Arcade & Video Games or Coin-Op Originals. Authors are more than welcome to check where I placed their work, and if they would like it in one of the other categories, PM me and I'll make the change, as long as it makes sense.

Site update

Had a good connection today and added 10 more tables to the Unusual Flipper Treatment category, bringing that sections total up to 33, woth more still to come. We now are closing in on 300 files for DL. Also, JPH has added SS of all VP recreations and originals to our Gallery, giving us over 2350 images, from flupperless and trade stimulators to odd and interesting Web discoveries I've made.

And if you have a ? about the site, you can submit it through the FAQ link on the left side bar and I'll do my best to answer it. Also, there are now 36 articles in our Reviews section, and while most of them are my Memeber Profiles & Interviews, there are some nice reads not done by me. Jon's also added Comics to the left side bar, so I can hardly see a reason why anyone would ever leave Pinball Nirvana, although there must be a few worthwhile excuses that I know I'll be hearing. Explore and enjoy friends.

For those who haven't noticed, or visited Pinball Nirvana lately, here is an update. Since PN recently upgraded and has more space, we have begun adding back older EMs with unusual flipper placements, unique kicker treqatments, and those dreaded but bothersome gobble holes. So far 55 have been added, with more to come. And while nearly all these tables are also at IRP, if you are only interested in the odd ball EMs, we've done the sorting for you.

We've also added Panda55's Forum Follies, his tribute to what was VPFree Forums. So while VPFF is gone, its caharacters and flavor survive in Forum Follies, in the Coin-Op Originals section.

I've also combined Greywolf's emcore, Ballycams, and fonts needed to play his Alladin's Castle into one zip, which is in the Tutorial and Support Files section. Alladin's Castle should join our Unusual Flipper Treatments section as soon as he uploads it.

And someone finally asked a question through our FAQ system, wanting to know how to play bingos. So I have added a number of categories where other questions may be submitted. As time permits, I will be adding information that not only new members ask, but also general information pretaining to Visual Pinball and the VP community. To learn about PN, or to submit a question of your own, use the FAQ link on the left side menu.

And last, a reminder that our Gallery has every Mini Pin that I'm aware of. If you haven't seen these miniature masterpieces, it's well worth the time to visit.

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