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Skill Score (Exhibit, 1956) & Cannon Fire Jr (Mills Novelty, 1934)

Isaac Sauvage

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Just randomly bumped in to this today, and can't believe I never saw it before. Evidently you put a coin in, receive a few balls like in a pool machine or skee-ball, and take turns with a friend setting up a ball & trying to make trick shots for points. The flyer says that the bumpers light up. Maybe they have slingshot force, too?

I searched around and couldn't find anything more about this game. Only a different scan of the same flyer, and not any pictures of the real machine. :/

So this isn't really a WIP, but maybe an emulation starting point for this unique game. Feel free to search around and see if you can discover anything more. Here's the last search I was looking at:



  • Skill Score (Exhibit, 1956).jpg
    Skill Score (Exhibit, 1956).jpg
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  • Skill Score (Exhibit, 1956) v2.jpg
    Skill Score (Exhibit, 1956) v2.jpg
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I appreciate the post and interest but currently have five extremely rare pin machines from 1932-1937 being worked on. Don't think I don't appreciate you sending me this information, but the table images I just recently got a hold of have piqued my interest since I've wanted to do these for years. These images are not even on IPDB so they are pretty rare.

PS: One table is an Exhibit Supply Company table and the other is a J.P. Seeberg. They are being worked on.

Much appreciated though!
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Isaac Sauvage

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Just saw this nice, high-quality pic of "Cannon Fire Jr" (Mills Novelty, 1934).

It's better than any of the pics at the IPDB, hence I thought worth a post.

mills cannon fire jr.jpg

The IPDB entry is here, and there's some useful discussion about the rules there. Also, some nice gameplay videos from Mike Hasanov:

Just tagging you in case you want to take a look. Isn't it pretty?


  • CF jr MILLS flyer.jpg
    CF jr MILLS flyer.jpg
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I make games for VPX 6 desktop users.
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That would be an easy one to redraw for sure and I appreciate the image but I have so many WIP it's not even funny. I'll show some screenshots of the WIP to Itchigo sometime soon if and when I get to the Big Bang Bar chatrooom again.
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