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I have tried VP 7 and 8 and I can't get the ball to kick into the plunger lane. I have tried A,S,enter and no ball will pop into the plunger lane. Do I need VP6 or am I missing hitting a certain key. When I hit S the sound comes on like the machine is starting up and a couple of balls move over, but nothing will go into the plunger lane. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Edit: Resource is here:
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Thanks Clyde for all your wonderful help...I sent you a reply on the e-mail you sent me...KISS rocks and is one of my favorite all-time bands. And thanks for VP6 and the BB flipper table, your help is greatly appreciated. It's great to have a friendly forum to go to and be able to get help! :)

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Yeap, confirmed. And the resource was missing, so I reuploaded it (see first post).

It's such a beautiful version that I'm hoping someone might come along and fix the script to work with VP8 or later. Presumably it's a simple job, as most VP5 & VP6 tables have no problem running in VP8.
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