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Smart Ball (1940's Japan) VP8

VP8 EM Flipperless Recreation SmartBall is released v1.0 2020-01-28

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Electro-Mechanical Machines


PN co-founder
Patrick & tiltjlp offer for your enjoyment, an antique Japanese SmartBall game. The game gives you 5 balls to begin, and as you launch them, any that enter 1 of 10 scoring pockets will trigger a multiball event. You can adjust your multiball events to have from 5 to 20 balls, with 10 being preset. A maximum of 20 balls can be in play at any one time. Folks with slow computers or certain video cards will need to reset the Mutiball adjuster to 5 balls.

You can also launch more than one ball at a time, but with nudging an important part of the game, you might want to do it one ball at a time. Balls that don’t enter a scoring pocket gather at the bottom of the table, rather than being destroyed. As with a light blue ball, the effect is more than a bit colorful.

The game is tame until a ball enters a scoring pocket, then as more balls are released from above, and some of those balls enter scoring pockets, it can seem like a waterfall of light blue balls. The action is so fast and furious that the score display often continues rolling after the balls have stopped falling. And besides the score, you have the display of balls played to see how well you’ve done. The bird sounds blend together when the balls being to fall, for a very pleasant gaming experience. You can grab this fun game by using the link below. Page down to find SmartBall. Enjoy.


Patrick & tiltjlp


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Add-a-ball specialist
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I tried it, it seemed way to easy, I don't see how this game could entertain anyone if it played this way. Was this a gambling game similar to Pachinko? If so, it should be more difficult.

The backdrop shows a real picture of the game with the nails at the cups going in the opposite way you have them in the recreation. You have the top 2 nails at each cup extended further onto the playing field making it easy to score whereas the real table has them closer together making it harder to score.

I just don't understand why all of the balls would gather at the bottom either, even though I see them that way on the backdrop pic. Could it be possible that ONLY the winning balls accumilate there and then you just feed or drop one of those balls into the ball lane so you can then launch it into action? If you look real close at the backdrop pic, it definately looks like the accumilated balls are actually above the playfield. This would make my earlier theory true that those are only the balls you've won and they are just waiting to be cashed in or played. After looking again, I now think they "are" above the glass as even the chute that they come out of definately appears to be above the glass also.

It looks to me like you launch a ball and it would go around the arch just like in Pachinko and then if you score, you are rewarded the amount of balls (either 5 or 15) depending on the cup your ball landed in. If it played this way you could also add the tapping sound made when the ball hits a nail.

Once again, on the pic, you can see by the arrangement of these games that they couldn't be nudged from side to side. The ball may have been affected if you bumped the game upwards or straight on, but I doubt it as all of the tables appear to be hooked together and I'm sure there would be an attendant close by. The skill would be in pulling back the plunger, but it would still be mostly luck, but we already know that people get hooked on these mindless luck games (slots, poker machines, etc)

Of course, I have no clue about this game and I hope my deductions aren't proved to be silly because you guys got the game rules and gameplay from someone who actually owns the game.



PN co-founder
You could well be right Bob, I have no idea. I believe Patrick got the images at the French Pin Show he went to a while back. All I did was suggest he make the game harder than he had it at first, and added the sounds. Personally I enjoy the game, not nearly as much as standard pinball, but I do find it a fun game.

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