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Tutorial Smoke..... ideas and concept for physics!


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there has to be a formula to follow.
My formula is balance or equilibrium in another term , I'm talking about it HERE, in my two acts, where you have added your comment, not too clear to me ... I replied.

now, it is also true that every table is different, as George says, and you have to change something to get that particular result ... ok, but I add: since I embarked on the road to physics, (recently) I have used the same xml for three of my last tables, and I get the same result,a great gameplay..... two are "EM",one THIS ,the other in the finishing phase.....the other one is Space Cadet

A great example is also another great author @smoke....and I also talked about it HERE in this thread.

In fact he uses the same xml, for all his 30 tables, of which he speaks ...... and I totally confirm his theory, because I use the same xml as his ..... I just changed something ... .to find my balance in relation to the other objects on my tables.
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