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VP8 Flipperless Original Table Snakes & Ladders for Tiltjlp CD


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Hi All.

Just came up with this idea and I have only decided on size and idea but it will include the usual ups and downs of Snakes and Ladders....

I'll keep you posted.



BTW Screen shot below


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Getting There

Hi All,
Just an update,
The Clayton's Ramps, the ramps you have when you're not having ramps, will work fine......at least they do in test mode.
I just need to put 64 lights on the game board and sequence them then add lights to the channels and score them and, well, a lot of coding, and graphics, and...................It's about two weeks away from done......Just in time, I HOPE.
Anyway, here is a new SS,


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This looks great Rockinghorse, can't wait to try the creepy thang!

I have 3 phobias and 2 of them are in this Table, Snakes I have a love/hate relationship...I've been bitten 4 times by snakes (1st time when I was 4 yrs. old in The Rockies, Idaho) and the Heights thing started to bother me about 5 yrs. ago when I was overlooking a huge gourge (Letchworth Park). The table look's fun and has no Clowns!

PS I overcame my fear of clowns by playing Happy Clown...(1964 Gottlieb) :ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh: