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So why not build it yourself?

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It's nice to see a few new authors appear recently at VPO, and from what we've seen so far, a few of them seem to have talent as well as some good ideas. And yes, todays rant, for lack of a better word, is about ideas. I've noticed that there are several fairly new folks at vpf, and they keep suggesting ideas for new tables, as if they really expect someone to make them a table on demand. The latest idea, which I found amusing, was a 12-step AA table, that, according to the person offering the idea, would encourage people with all sorts of addiction problems to get straight and stay straight. And here I thought pinball was supposed to be an entertaining diversion.

As I said in a post, if you have an idea for a really great table, and with so many great ideas, why is it that we end up with mostly 3rd rate, run-of-the-mill releases, why not make the table yourself? Now I keep hearing all sorts of excuses for people not making a table of their own, and most of them are BS. If the editor and scripting were as impossible as newbies think, how could so many authors have made so many tables? And a few of those tables are outstanding, both recreations and originals. So rather than simply spewing out dozens of ideas, most which have already either been done or at least thought of, make that table you are sure will be an instant hit. There are people who will offer advice and help at any of the forums.

I'm not saying your ideas aren't any good . . . some are excellent. What I'm saying is. is why not give the editor a try, you might be surprised at how quickly you'll pick things up. And we sure could use a few more authors. But please, no stinkin' anime. :lol:
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OK, now that I got that out of my system, here's what was really bothering me at the time. There's one member who never posts at vpf unless it's to complain that this table or that one isn't working the way it should. Well, now he's started posting at VPO too. He's complained about tables that work perfectly for everyone else, and he simply ticks me off. A leech is bad enough, but a leech who complains is very irritating, at least to me.

So my gripe wasn't really about people with all their ideas for new tables, but people who simply post and never do anything about their ideas. I'm going to start encouraging new authors more, and help them when I can, instead of simply blow them off. Although I'm far from as knowledgable as many of you are, I'll offer advice and suggestions when I can. Some of you do this already, so I'm just taking your lead. But the more of us who make new authors feel that they belong the better. And if we can somehow get that one guy to stop complaining and work on a table, maybe we can have some peace and quiet.



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Just some basic expectations - if you don't have a minimum requirement-spec pc, don't complain. When you buy a program, the box says the specs, and naturally, if you don't meet those numbers, any requests for support will be ignored.
You don't have lots of money to throw around - that fits just about 98% of all people I know. Even if they did have money to throw around, I don't see them throwing it on stuff they don't want. Same goes with time.
Use the search feature or I will laugh at you.
Read the documentation, read the posts, before asking a question or I will laugh at you too.
I'm heartless? I'm picking on you? lol...this is just for fun - a hobby - there is no featured free/limited/extended support for a free product, including free vpt files. If you hate it, delete it. Maybe mention once why you don't like it, but don't expect it to be fixed, and don't mention it repeatedly or it will go into the ignored list.


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TheManFromPOST said:
and if you post your thread(s) in the wrong section, then I will hate you even more

You're heart must be blacker than black by now. :p If only there was a way to make newbies R/O for their first two dozen visits, so they'll have to read the forum. And then require them to perform a successful search which gives them a randomized code that will give them posting rights.

There's one fellow over at vpf who irritates the hell out of me. All he ever does is ask for tables to be e-mailed to him, and complain that the tbles don't play right. I have bit my tongue black and blue not to post an insult or send him a flame PM. Is he and other leechers that damn stupid not to realize how much they seem like the rear end of the Lone Ranger horse?

I can understand maybe asking for a table once in a blue moon, but these new breed of losers are doing nothing but asking. Not one of them ever comments on a table, or thanks the author, and seldom even thank the person who sends them the tables. I'm happy that flipperless and counter top games aren't very popular. If they ever start asking for my tables like that I'd have to consider either private releases or retirement. Bunch of lousy no good leeching trolls.



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TheManFromPOST said:
well I suppose we could bitch and moan about newbies, they will never change

or someone who has the power could do something,
agreed, not much, but it might help reduce some pointless threads

I saw that post right after my latest rant, and almost fell out of my chair laughing. Since you're not a newbie TMFP, I'll figure it's meant to be informative and leave it at that. Besides, you didn't ask for anyone to e-mail them to you.



PN co-founder
So I go to vpf, and the head leech has struck again. IMNSHO, this person is not only a leech, an pain in the ass, a moron, but a loser. Now he isn't happy with tables that play the way they should. See why his pisses me off so much. Here's his post from vpf.

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Diner *cup*...v2.9P

I have a question, if i may...Is there a way to get the ball to spin more easily when I shoot up to the *cup*?? I noticed that it will only go around a few times. Is there a way to the ball spin more times in it???
( rschudej@charter.net )

Now if I'm overreating, let me know and I'll ease off, but I think this guy is a 1st class jerk.

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