Solving two issues with Tee'd Off (Premier, 1993) by RothbauerW

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oops! Just noticed there are some potential problems with this table:

1) The script calls for the "teedoff3" ROM set, but if you only have that set, you won't hear any ROM sound! I've therefore corrected the resource entry to include both that set and the base "teedoff" set. You'll need them both.

2) You may not be able to insert coins if you don't have the table's nvram files set up correctly. The easiest way to deal with that is to drop the attached three files in to your VPM's "nvram" folder. Be sure to unzip them and overwrite the old ones.

If anyone has further issues with the table, please post them in this thread.

Thanks again to @rothbauerw for allowing this gem to be shared here. The roulette wheel is especially cool to me for feeling so realistic, with even surrounding lights reflecting on to the lower ball. :)



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And a small anecdote--

Back around twenty years ago, I was on a trip out West with a GF, and found this game in the wild. I was stoked! See, I'd already been trying to get her in to the game, and had enjoyed some success when we previously found a "Tommy," managing to get a replay playing doubles.

So I cued us up for another doubles game, and moved around so that I was standing at the back and side of the machine, near the head, so as to stay out of the way of my partner. That arrangement takes a little getting used to, but winds up being a lot of fun, especially if the 'lower' player is good at nudging.

...and then my eyes wandered down to the flippered area. And then I turned and took another look at the backglass, noticing the middle couple in particular. I knew I had to say something right away, and not risk her getting in to the game, only to feel betrayed when she eventually noticed that shizzle. So we had to walk away.

Seriously, Gottlieb, what the hell were you thinking with that creepy old man stuff? You could have covered the whole sucker with sexy babes, just without the pervy arse-pinching. :/

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