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Some explanations needed...


Pinball Master
I know most of you guys are not cabinet players...

...but a not fun fact. Mini playfields displayed on the Translite / Backbox won't show up on the FP Backbox / 2nd monitor in Arcade / Cabinet mode.

They only work on the main playfield monitor or in VR / desktop modes.

So on tables like Wild's NES table.... you can't play that on a cabinet.

Something to think about if a cabinet users has problems with a table that does this.
Ya those are the only 2 tables so far that have a back glass miniplayfield and I think Super Soccer
has balls on the back glass that basically are markers of game progress and balls remaining . Cab users should still be able to play the table they just won't see those markers.

With NES we considered that for cab users when the ball goes to backglass we would treat it like a new playfield that temporarily swaps with the main playfield (Paolo even created a miniature table model to use)