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Sopranos profanity-fest?


Pinball Nudger
Hi everyone, i'm new here.

Not too much trouble here getting tables to go, but something baffling (and hilarious) happened when i was playing the sopranos table in VP. Perhaps this is nothing new to other users here: While playing the sopranos table (1.5WT) from time to time i notice lines like "#*!^#" scrolling along the top and bottom of the dot matrix display, and, while this is going on, just about every hit produces "f*ck" in one form or other from the sound calls. I haven't been able to figure out what triggers this, and thats what this inquery is about.

Considering the vpm display, i'd think this is in the game, and not some particular table version. Does anyone have any idea what causes this profanity-fest? Is it some sort of joke? Or maybe some special bonus event?

I've been playing it after installing the recently released visual installer (is that what its called?), and launching from vp, profanity on, freeplay on.

thx in advance,



sXe And Better Than You
Quite simple. Getting very big points at the pork store ("F*cking BIG Points!") launches this mode.

Why it's in there? Probably for the laughs. I do find this mode hilarious.

The McD
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