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South Park (Sega, 1999) VP8

VP8 Sega SS Recreation South Park (Jamin 1-01) ... Oh no, super fart bumpers v1.01 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Solid State Machines


Pinball Nudger
Just wanted to share my version of South Park with whomever wants to try it out.

Uses sprk_090 romset which you can get from www.ipdb.org in the South Park section its labeled PinMame Romsets (0.9), save into your rom folder (Edit : and thanks to bha19 for letting us know that if you try and use sprk_090 and don't have sprk_103 rom in your rom folder as well, you'll recieve an error message. I had just assumed that sprk_090 being a lower version number of the rom that it would work on its own but it requires sprk_103 also). If you wish to use the "non-fun" romset you can edit the script and comment out the line .gamename="sprk_090" and uncomment out the line .gamename="sprk_103". Table is angle independent if you wish to change Inclination/Field of View settings. As for flipper settings if you wish to change the flipper speed you'll need to edit the script and change the Const flipup=0.135 to whatever flipper speed you desire.


South Park has been added to the VPM download section, and has been deleted as an attachement to this post. Download link:



  • south_park__jamin_1-01__screenshot.jpg
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Pinball Wizard
I will try this and x-files too. I hope I will find time to try these and all the other vpm tables from
the last months next week. Thanks for your efforts. If I remember right these are a lot different
in table view than the other versions (I didn't play them often, so maybe I'm wrong). Looks
promising. Thank you.


Pinball Wizard
Site Supporters
Thanks for the release Jamin - love the way you handled the lights and kept table angle independent. :) For the plunger, you can fix the dmd animation for kick the baby by making the trigger cover the entire plunger.


Pinball Nudger
Thx Destruk

Aha! Thanks for that info Destruk...that had me stumped for a while. If you placed the Shooter lane switch how I had it (where it would trigger the switch but unhit so the switch would be off while the ball rested on the plunger) you would miss the start up animation of Chef saying "Hello children" with the kids replying "Hey Chef". If you read Destruk's reply but didn't really understand what he was saying about the trigger go ahead and find the custom shaped trigger named Shooter (its the light green box just below the ball release kicker and reshape it to where it will cover anywhere the ball may rest before plunged. Thanks again Destruk...it will be included in any future update I may do.

Also do you guys notice that the rom is slightly out of sync in some spots. Not sure if there's anything I can do anything aboot that (sorry had aboot on the mind cuz I watched the South Park movie not long ago).


Pinball Wizard
Site Supporters
The rom out-of-sync issue is due to missing emulation of the PAL chips. Nothing can be done about that unless those chips are emulated. Once they are in and working in pinmame, the problem will be corrected.


Pinball Wizard
Oh south park, awesome. One of my favorite tables in real life. Your decals of the kids on the side seem a bit squished though.


Pinball Wizard
Nice work Jamin7474

I've been looking for a better version of this table. I played this table last night and its a lot better then the older version. Thanks :)


Inserted Coin
Jamin7474 said:
Just wanted to share my version of South Park with whomever wants to try it out.

Uses sprk_090 romset which you can get from www.ipdb.org in the South Park section its labeled PinMame Romsets (0.9), save into your rom folder.


When I try to run the game, it says need exact rom. and points out that spdspa.101 is missing from the rom set.



Pinball Wizard
That happened to me too... But it started working once I downloaded the PinMame 1.03 romset as well. I see the script points at the 0.90 romset, so I don't know why this helped, but it did nevertheless.
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