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Sega South Park (Sega, 1999) nightmare continues (help needed)


Inserted Coin
Hi guys --

A few months ago portals would NOT open and display would not show. We replaced TOTALLY the CPU board as well as the DISPLAY BOARD with brand new boards.

PORTALS (the diagnostic menu now shows, progress).

Portals will also open and accept commands. However, when we tell it to test anything, it won't, nothing happens. Its like the board is not sending the commands to the lights and flippers. Which is odd because we are entering commands from the front of the machine so its getting the inputs.

When you turn on the machine you get the version screen, then FREE PLAY, and then the boys appear. When you press the credit button you here ONE beep and then nothing.

With brand new cpu AND display board, at a loss.

I noticed L200 is not lit though. All others lit and strong.