Space Ship (Williams, 1961) VP8

VP8 Williams EM Recreation Space Ship (Williams 1961) My 50th now at IRP vRC1

No permission to download
Electro-Mechanical Machines


Go get it folks.
BEWARE!!!! it's a drain MONSTER!!!!
The rewards however are good if you can keep the ball alive long enough.

BIG thanx once again to LUVTHATAPEX for the great table pics he has and continues to supply me with.


Thank's 50 Times Leon!:)

I thoroughly enjoy Space Ship, and it look's and plays wonderfully. After playing for a while, Space Ship in not that tough but you have to know when and how much to nudge the baby. My high score is a little over 8million but replays come to me once every 3 games or so. Just wanted others to know that it is possible to tame Space Ship and it's very fun.
Beautiful table! Fantastic job! I think it's a fun layout, it would be neat to have this baby for real. Thanks Leon!
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