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Speedometer & Winner released


PN co-founder
Patrick & tiltjlp release a pair of interesting tables, one at Pinball Nirvana, and one at IRP. The one hosted at IRP is actually an unidetified pinball toy Patrick found on the web. We call it Speedometer Pinball, since the progress of your game isn’t measured in points, but by a scoring guage. You have 5 balls to move the Speedometer across the finish line, or you lose. Your bragging rights come from how fast you Win, as well as how few balls you need to Win. While I have lost as often as I have won, my best marks are 3 balls and 1 minute 12 seconds. This just might be the quickest pin you’ll ever play.

Winner can be found in our Sports Themes section, or by following the link below. Made by Williams in 1972, Winner is two games in one, a unique and slightly strange EM. With 4 flippers and 6 targets at the top of the playfield. you can adjust the aim of the launcher to zero in on your horse, which changes with each games race. You score points by hitting the horse's targets, which also advance the individual steeds closer to the finish line. The only other points are from the slingshots and the outlanes. Unless you miscue on the flippers, you shouldn't lose many balls between the flippers.

Get winner at the bottom of this page: http://www.pinballnirvana.com/modul...sdownload&sid=7&min=20&orderby=titleA&show=20


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