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Pinball Wizard
I've uploaded my latest creation, Spheres. It's a game designed to test your flipper skills as you complete lines of balls and score points. Here's a screenshot for all of you.

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that there is a minor problem with using .gif files for screenshots, but .jpg files are OK, so I created a new one as a .jpg. Sorry for any trouble this may have caused.


  • spheres__screenshot_v10_583.jpg
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Pinball Wizard
Updated to v1.1

I just found a slight error in the script which prevented Rainbow bonuses from being awarded. I have corrected it, and have uploaded it to the site. Sorry about that. As much as I hate to present you with an imperfect game :shock: , I just have to remember that it happens to the best of us from time to time.


Pinball Wizard
Very nice looking table concept. I intend to try it soon when I have more time. Thanks for your efforts in that table and for release.


Pinball Wizard
Spheres updated to v1.2

I found another slight error with the script :oops: that caused color and rainbow bonuses to be multiplied by the level and speed... twice. I discovered this while playing on level 9, speed 8. I cleared a line with all 7 colors, and earned 50,000 points :shock:. This prompted me to take another look at the script. I found the problem, corrected it, and have uploaded the new version to PN and PO. I figure at this rate I should have all of the bugs worked out by next year... maybe :) .


Pinball Wizard
Spheres updated to v1.3

My nephew was playing this game, and while I was watching him, he was pressing the spacebar to drop the walls after flipping a ball up. I noticed the ball being captured by the kickers that would normally be covered by the walls. While this didn't cause any permanent 'problems', I felt that I could correct it very easily by modifying the level config subroutine.

That's the story behind this one.
Hopefully, it's the last one.
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