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Spiderman = Bob?


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I just witnessed the Spiderman 2 movie and I Loved the special effects but Why do these hollywood folk's add romance when I'd rather see Spidey Spinning webs All Over the World? I guess I'm not 18 anymore....

Bob = Spiderman, or...
Spiderman = Bob?

It's a toss up and i wish Spidey would be old enough to drive..
Bob is old enough to drive..

Spiderman fell for that chick offering muffin's or something, but Spidey kept trying to nail that other babe, I think Bob would have done the proper thing.:)

Bob seems more level headed than "Spiderman", would Bob quit being Spiderman for more than 1 week, I Don't think So... :cool2:

Spiderman was too young and stupid, Bob would have done the proper thing, Spiderman 2 was neat and repulsive, Say it ain't so Spidey, Why give up your identity? Major movie studio's decided that question? Bob, errr, Spiderman woulda, coulda give them a finger!


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There's a reason why my avatar is Spidey and not Peter Parker.... Spidey is cool and Parker is a nerd. I liked both movies, especially the special effects. I still would rather see a modern Lone Ranger or more Zorro movies and there could also be a Three/Four Musketeers Trilogy. :) You could have Salma Hayek star in any/all of those movies too. :)


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Hey if U like 2 finger girls, flick your fingers like U R spiderman & she will squirt (eventually). Or U can use yer' tool 2 hit the same spot. Now, that would B a cool film - he coccoons girls & uses them as sex slaves at his spider palace :D & then when he bangs 'em, they give birth 2 these hybrid spider creatures that spread havoc n'... wait I'm giving ideas away :p Hollywierd people will C my post n' maybe steal it :( Oh well

Hey Majestytwelve would make an awesome movie.


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StevOz said:
Er?....Spidey is Peter Parker. ;)


Are you sure? I thorught Spidey was Bob was Spidey. Some places even the squirrel is Spidey is Bob. Gets confusing, but Bob is always cool.



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