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Split from "I've made a decison" by mistake..


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Shockman said:
Who erased all my favorite smilies. Jon I can't believe you would let them screw with your smilies.

They took the 'sex' and 'blowme' but they left Please Die. Not very bright are they?
I deleted a few smilies that were misbehaving and were appearing in signatures....:wave-nerd:

Sadly, highrise's files have been removed from the downloads per his request.


Pinball Wizard
John I think you're doing the wrong thing, why? Because it means Bizzle has won. I don't even know what images he uploaded, I don't take notice of crap done by people who's shoe size exceeds their IQ. That said, I do believe that there is a point where someone needs to be banned, I just think it is a lot more effective to just ignore them. If someone started insulting me I would give it maybe 2 replies before I just ignored them - giving people like Bizzle attention is precisely what they want. I think it is a greater loss to the VP community to lose John than to have to put up with Bizzle.

This will be my first and last post on this issue as I don't want to give Bizzle more attention than he deserves (which is none).

As for John, take a break from here and pop in again in a few months and see if it's alright. I'll see you on some of the other sites, although probably not VPOriginals as my passion is for reproductions so I don't visit there very often.



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All these recent posts are :offtopic: and denegrates John's thread. Can they be stripped out please - 'cos this is crap.
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