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About the NFL draft, I always try to clear my schedule for the weekend and I've been under the idiotic impression for awhile that it started on 4/21, it starts next Saturday....

The Sabres just advanced in the NHL playoffs and look poised to stomp on anyone in their path...!

:hockey: :puck:


Pinball Wizard
NHL is always interesting....even from an European point of view...!!! Lots of European players...

My guess is that Rangers will take the cup....!! Yeah I know...pretty unrealistic but I hope so....traditional team...and they've had their share of bad luck in the last 10 years...!!

Sabres are on fire though...I hate the Devils'...they were the first team who started playing the trap....but Martin Brodeur is one tough goalie to beat...


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The Sabres pulled out a victory against the Rangers in game 5, i like the Rangers but folks in Texas should be banned from skating on ice......

About my (NFL) Minnesota Vikings draft pics, these dudes (videos) look like they will whomp for a long time..


We kinda all expected that the Sabres were going to be in the finals, they were the best team all year, scored the most points and are poised to stomp on any team in it's path.

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