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Sportsman Payout updated


PN co-founder
Although I have been recreating a lot of toy pins lately, I also make flipperless commercial coin-ops, alone as well as with my partner Patrick. When Patrick and I released Sportsman in June, gameplay simply wasn't quite right. I have finally corrected this by reducing the size of many of the diverters. I also inproved the view, and added a sound or two.

While you could collect at any time during the game, you might be wise to wait till the end, so you can collect the largest pay out possible. And you only collected on the largest payout, not the total of all possible wining combos.

Thanks again to Mickey Treat for the table image, Stan for testing and much information, Ken for testing, and Michael Sands of The Sands Museum for additional and needed information. And as always, thanks to Patrick for his help, patience, and knowledge. You can bag Sportsman2 near the bottom of the page this link will send you to:





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I love this machine!

Thats a pertty bad image for such a fine piece of work, hope you find better pics. I might have some on a different computer.
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