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Starman's tables


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The link to Starman's tables has been dead for quite awhile....


My question is.... Is this link dead because Starman removed his tables or is this one of Jon's links that no longer works. Rapid Vienna is one of the best VP tables ever made and it would be nice if it was readily available for newbies.

If Starman originally made the tables available to saharasales, then we could consider that as permission to list them here. Any ideas?
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Yeah bob, It's A old link!

I thought Starman's tables were here and Rapid Vienna seems to be the exception, it should be added!
(Where are yours?)



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Jon, you can easily find my suckie tables :)

Thanks Popotte! I didn't have that site bookmarked! Rapid Vienna is an awesome table and I like to recommend it to newbies.


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I wouldn't recommend it to newbies as it sets their standards too high. Give them the new default table to play with and if they really enjoy that one, then they can download thousands and thousands of better tables!!! :)
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