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appropriate at this time
Can I get access to VPF, at least long enough to download the new VP! and to check the function of the core.vbs file. This is important, and should not take past the end of tomorrow. I'll just need the IP ban undone and an account.


Pinball Wizard
Fixed...lol. It'd have to be broken in order to need fixed.

If/When Randy gets VP8 the flipper fixes UC has already done, it'll likely be going back to wpcmame's original code with a slow downswing.


appropriate at this time
Well then it would be fixed. Until that day it is broken. It had been fixed to not let the ball fall through the flipper. Your tables use that very code. Why can't everyone have the benefit of it? All tables out there are using more realist upswing speeds, and there very many are not going to work because you took the fix out of the core. Your tables are not because they have it in their tables. I'll tell you the same thing I had said about Blackout and Whitewater. If Fathom has balls through the flipper then it's safe. If it uses a speeded up downswing by any means, it's going to be next up, tonight.