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VP8 SS Original Table Street Fighter for VP unleashed.

Solid State Machines


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Street Fighter for VP unleashed.

Here's the rules......

STREET scores 4000 pts and awards hold bonus, hold multiplier, lites extra ball and then scores 9000 pts.
FIGHTER scores 5000 pts and lites special or awards special when lit.
VEGA scores 3000 pts, lites bumpers, advances bonus multiplier to 7x, then lites bumpers for 1900pts and scores 8000 pts.
RYU scores 2000 pts, lites lower kickback and multiball.
U spot target lites upper kickback and lites jackpot during multiball.
Left inlane lites right spinner for 1K and opens right loop shot.
Right inlane lites left spinner for 1K and opens left loop shot.
Left loop shot lites right inlane for 5000 pts.
Right loop shot lites left inlane for 5000 pts.
Left outlane scores 5000pts, advances bonus and extra ball when lit.
Right outlane scores 2000.
Kickers score 2000pts
All drop targets score 100 pts and advance bonus.
All spot targets score 500 pts.
All lanes score 200 pts.

All comments, suggestions and feedback wanted.

Please reports any bugs and I'll add fixes to the update, along with any further enhancements.



Music file, goes in your music folder....


Table, unzip to your tables folder....


Enjoy, comment and don't be shy. :)


Pinball Wizard
Thanks StevOz.

Just had a couple of games before I make tea for the children - plays rather nicely if I may say so. (How do we download the music file though?)


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AH, da music file, just right click on the link (Save link as....), that's in firefox, other browser may have slightly different wording.

mmmmm, that Jackpot don't seem to be working, must some logic fault in my script I think......


Pinball Wizard
Well thank you - didn't realise links worked like that. Thought it would provide a shortcut! Doh! Let me outta here!

Thanks StevOz :)


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Well, there was nothing wrong with the Jackpot, just a bit harder to get then I thought, so it now awards 100 000 pts. ;)

So here is the update.

Adjusted cabinet rails and Inclnation/Field Of View settings so the table is now renders bigger and better.
Added sounds for multiball, ball saver and end of ball.
Added Rules sheet, press R or I to view.
Added ball option, press B for 3 or 5 balls.
Added verdana font to the .zip, install if you don't have it.
Tweaked flipper settings and upper sling strength for improved gameplay.
Jackpot now awards 100 000 pts.
Adjusted replay values, 450 000, 900 000, 1 500 000 pts for 3 balls, 750 000, 1 500 000 and 2 500 000 for 5 balls.
Minor script fixes.

Also thanks to TheManFromPost for the AU 20c coin .wav

New screenshot.....


New .zip including verdana font and table.


Same music file, Not needed if you already have it.



Pinball Wizard
Vey nice! Easy and clean design. Nice sounds and the music suits very well to the table.
Very good contrast between the playfield and the plastics, I like it! Thank you!



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Thanks for the nice posts rpbizzle47 and jpsalas.

I hope you're both enjoying a game of three, not too easy I hope JP or do you mean easy on the eye. ;)

I'm fairly pleased with the end result myself, I've no real graphics programs or have ever used any, though with originals and VP, I've found ways to get a good looking table, with careful image selection and lotsa image googling.

This time around I used very low walls to texture the playfield in layers with a central decal. For the plastics I used a colour adjusted picture of fire, with decals on top, ripped from game sprite .gifs, converted and enlarged to render better.
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