Super Android [Epic MegaGames, 1993]

Super Android 2.0

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Best regards to all the people. I'm arrived to Future Pinball only now..... It is very powerfull ... I want make a table on the Super Android of Epic Pinball...
Difficulty .. the ramps is very short and I don't like Wire Ramps too I have found a system for have simple rail , without the ball fall out... look.. (EDIT: TinyPic is now defunct, and the Web Archive doesn't seem to have backed up the pics (understandably). Still, I'll leave these pic links up, just in case. --Ike)


DL link:
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looking cool! too bad i can't even run FP on my computer but it looks like your hard work paid off! very nice looking objects


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Here is the new version 2.00 .Everything completely redone. I have reduced the length of the table to keep the proportions more 'fair. I made the following new models in 3D :

1 - Plunger with spring and new copriplunger
2 - Exchange of rail
3 - Diverter (type door in plastic)
4 - Slight change in Bumpers
5 - Lane guides
6 - Trigger wire with a tiny hole on
An 'other news' are the written warning, which appear in the center of the table, as in the original game.

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maybe I have the "traveggole",(in italian) it means "see one thing for another"
I don't understand anything, all the posts are from 2011, how is it possible that this table has been added now ??? but by whom?
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