Superman VR (Atari, 1979).

Atari SS Recreation FP Superman VR (Atari, 1979). V.1.0 VR HD Extreme, VR 4K extreme versions.

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May 7, 2022
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I was able to download the VR 4K extreme version. It is a masterpiece of graphic art. I like your approach on ball rolling sound. I have seen triggers used on other tables but not as well as you have done.

I noticed you didn't add any XMLs or flipper code although it seems to play reasonably well, probably from some expert adjustment of the table objects. The bumpers seem unusually strong to me. On your next table, you might want to try FizX Lite. One of the two versions posted has ball rolling sound that uses BAM's ball tracking so it would be a bit easier to implement than how you did it here. You might like the physics too.

Thank you for posting!
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