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Support Files and Doc file support for building tables


Pinball Wizard
We need to get more doc files added to the support download section that explains how to build tables. I'm not a programmer and I can't understand what I've been able to get my hands on so far. I hope to create some nice machines in the future. :)
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Pinball Wizard
Well, you better become a programmer because that's how VP works. Visual Basic Script controls everything in it.


Pinball Wizard
By learning the basics of script, you can do anything you want with vp. We are always learning ways to do things easier.


PN co-founder
Most of the demo tables are fully commented, at least mine are. Also, the Visual Guide is a must have. There really is no totally "pain-free" way to learn other than by doing. The biggest problem new authors make is comparing their first efforts with those of an experienced author. Few of us are proud of our first efforts, and most first efforts aren't our first releases.



Pinball Wizard
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It tries to examine the scripts of some simple table.
You will notice that the 70-80% of the instructions is repeated in the tables of the same author.
And they differ little from an author to an other.
In order to write the remaining 20-30% it is necessary little of mathematics.
And some notion of programming.
As an example to know the meant one of the instruction:
It is not one impossible equation.
When the program is executed in correspondence of the previous instruction increases of 1 the value of a.
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