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Surf Champ (Gottlieb - 1976)


Flipper is good for you!
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Oh, a Gottlieb, what a surprise!!! :shock:
Tut, tut, tut... No cards... :roll:
Again and again, many thanks to Francis (Mecaflip) for his kindness. Without him, I would be a poor lonesome recreate man without beautiful pics...

I really don't know when Surf Champ will be release, because I'm a little bit busy for the moment and I'm waiting for a table that I have to script. But, for the moment, weather (maybe not for austalians) is a little bit too cold for surf... :lol:




Big pics avalaible here: http://www.esnips.com/web/Popotte-FP


Pinball Wizard
In the time of 1½ years popotte
has recreated all of the Gottlieb EM.s. :thumright:
Excellent work again.
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