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SyncoBob Muppets (Original)

VP9 SS Original Table SyncoBob Muppets (Original) 2007 (VP8) and 2011 (VP9)

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Solid State Machines


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S y n c o B o b version 1ana2ana3

It’s been almost 2 years since I created SyncoBob, it’s my pride and joy. It needed tuned up, so I reworked the table graphics and plastics, added some things to the layout, changed the viewing perspectives and added an in game message text display. It’s easier to get MultiBall, easier to score points, but as some of you know, when I say easier, I don’t mean easy. Lots and lots of changes and I went with an artistic look, since it is rather artsy for a VP project.

This table contains zero copyrighted material, as usual, the Bendigo Add-a-Ball template was used as my starting point, if it wasn’t for Bendigo, I would still be trying to tie my shoes.

I just uploaded it to Pinball Nirvana as the table is a Novelty table and the previous version was here also. It’s a Novelty table because the keyboard on the apron can be played just like a real music keyboard with the keys depressing when you hit the corresponding keyboard key as shown on the keyboard.

I'm sure someone will post when it's validated and will even let us know where it's at.



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It's now available from the Download page. Hey Bob, great job. I actually scored 240 on my first game, which sure beats my high game with the other version..


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Thanks John, I'm sure you could score higher.... Zaphod scored 100,000 points on the VPOH tourney version and this version should be much easier.


Pinball Player
bob, it looks pretty good.
Very nice the piano keyboard on the upper playfield!!!

I'll give it a try for sure tomorrow or in a couple of days.
thanks for sharing it!!


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Ike Savage updated SyncoBob Muppets with a new update entry:

The VP9, wide-screen edition has been added!

I also agree with Hawyer's review comment, that the randomised keyboard sounds can get quickly annoying. Like a kid messing around with one of those giant keyboards in department store-- fun for the kid, but kinda tiresome for the adults nearby.

I do have an idea, though-- what if the 'randomised keyboard' effect was instead a mode activated only at certain times?

To go along with that idea, what if some classic Muppets songs were entered in the game as additional modes? The idea...

Read the rest of this update entry...
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